22 August
By Josh

Publishing a Form Is Easy

Publishing a form is extremely simple with Foxit Web Forms. We'll take any existing fillable PDF form, and make it available for responders to fill out in a web browser.

You upload a form by clicking "Publish a Fillable Form", then selecting the PDF form from your desktop. Once it's uploaded (we handle the whole process of converting it to a web friendly format), we provide you with a simple link for others to access your form.

If you wish to stop collecting responses on a certain date, this can be accomplished by selecting a date to "Automatically Close" the form. In addition, you can also allow people to download the form and complete using any PDF software, then submit a response to from within the PDF using a Submit button.

10 August
By Josh

Foxit Web Forms Available to Public

After a few months of hard work, we are really excited to make the Foxit Web Forms service available to the public.

Foxit Web Forms is the only solution that allows you to take an existing fillable PDF form and make it available to be filled out and completed online (with the exact same formatting). We offer many valuable capabilities which bridge the gap between paper forms, and web forms.

  • PDF Copy of Form: You receive a completed PDF copy of the form.
  • Raw Form Field Data: We'll give you CSV output of the form fields so you don't have to manually extract them from the form. This is great for easily importing into other software or systems you have which would normally require human input for each form filled out.
  • E-Signatures: Foxit Web Forms supports e-signature collection. Now your respondents don't have to deal with messy pens and paper. They can easily apply their signature right on the form before they submit it back to you.

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